Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nor Aqidah + Mohd Rashid l Wedding

on 3rd sept 2011 i've got an opportunity to tag along with encik nik yasin to shoot a wedding ceremony. my first experience to shoot for wedding. quite tough actually for me as i more into macro.haha. but on the other hand it was really a best trial for me since i never done it before besides i had a chance to meet nice people during the ceremony. a big thanks to encik nik yasin and wife invited me to tag along with them. congratulations to the sweet couple kid and angah. hope 'bahagia sampai syurga'. and also thank you to kid's family especially tok wan :). makanannya sangat sedap :).

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Convocation l Portraiture

being ask by my friend to snap her portraiture at her convocation day is an honor for me. it is a big day for her and i took it as my opportunity to make her face non stop smiling (from the bottom of my heart). the celebration held at PICC Putrajaya and we had captured some photo a day before convocation started. she looked gorgeous in pink baju kurung with the convocation robe lining with red colour represented her course. the photo taken at Putrajaya area, Taman Botani - Astaka Morocco such a nice place to be shoot. and at the time of big day she wore blue as that is the colour being ask by her director of the college itself. worried and calmness mix up together but her happy face still the winner. looking her walked at the stage received the scroll make me nervous too. haha...however the celebration end up well although there are some technical problems occurred result a messy arrangement. anyway forget about that technical thing...what important is the moment i had while captured her photo :)